Travel to the Faroe Islands

(Updated on 26 August 2021)

Please note, that this website only provides information for travel to the Faroe Islands (Denmark). For information on travel to other countries, please consult the authorities there.

When travelling to the Faroe Islands, you are entering the Kingdom of Denmark. This means that the rules for entering Denmark also apply to the Faroe Islands. Read the guidelines for entering Denmark/Faroe Islands here.

Testing in connection with travel

It is recommended that travellers to the Faroe Islands test two days prior to departure to the Faroe Islands and two days after arrival to the Faroe Islands. PCR-tests are preferred if possible. Testing in the Faroe Islands is free of charge at the hospital test centre. People are strongly encouraged to be extra careful until the result from their second day test is available.


If you have been in transit in an area, the colour category of your original country/region of departure applies when entering the Faroe Islands. Transit means that you have not been in contact with people in the country/region you are travelling through.

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