Testing in connection with travel

Until 31 August, there are two strongly recommended and one mandatory covid-19 test in connection with travel to the Faroe Islands.

  1. Testing three days before arrival (strongly recommended)
  2. Testing upon arrival (mandatory)
  3. Testing four days post-arrival (strongly recommended)

Read more on testing below.

Testing three days before arrival

Travellers are strongly advised to test for COVID-19 three days before arrival to the Faroe Islands. This will reduce the risk of bringing the infection to the Faroe Islands.

Test upon arrival

Until 31 August 2021 all passengers 12 years and older are required to be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival in the Faroe Islands.

This also applies to vaccinated travellers, previously infected people and Faroese citizens and residents returning from abroad.

For children under 12 testing at the border is optional and free of charge.

Arrivals by air travel are tested at Vágar Airport. Arrivals by sea are conducted at the port of departure or on the ferry itself.

All travellers should self-isolate until they have received the result of the test taken at the border. The result is usually available on the day of arrival.

Cost of mandatory test

Travellers are required to pay DKK 312 to cover the cost of testing, if the tax is paid before boarding the aircraft.

If the tax is not prepaid, an extra cost of DKK 38 per traveller will be charged and additional waiting time can be expected upon arrival.

The tax is collected according to Faroese law (Act 139 from September 29th 2020).

4th-day testing

All travellers are strongly advised to test four days after arrival. Please note, that your day of arrival counts as day 0.

4th day testing is free of charge. Click here for more information on testing in the Faroe Islands.