Measures to contain the spread of the COVID19 virus in the Faroe Islands apply to all members of society, regardless of nationality. Everyone is urged to take the utmost care and precaution and to follow closely the updated advice issued by public authorities on medical help, personal hygiene, social restrictions, travel and all other procedures, regulations and recommendations.

Please consult the comprehensive information provided on the website to find answers to your specific questions.

If you have other urgent questions not addressed in the online information or this overview, you can call the Faroese Government Corona hotline on 30 40 40.

Official Recommendations and Measures

  • Maintain an appropriate distance (2 meters) from the next person when you are out around people
  • Avoid gathering in groups; the fewer the better and no more than 10 people in one place
  • All non-essential international travel is strongly discouraged
  • Municipal authorities are urged to take measures regarding passenger cruise ships on their way to the Faroe Islands
  • Anyone arriving in the Faroe Islands from overseas must take the utmost precaution and stay at home in so-called home quarantine.  See more under “Isolation and quarantine”
  • Strict restrictions on visitors to hospitals and age care facilities will apply. Further instructions will be issued by health and local council authorities
  • The school system, including tertiary, secondary and primary schools will close. Students and pupils will wherever possible have access to remote teaching. 
  • Children’s activity centres, preschools and day care facilities will also close. Childcare will be offered to those who, for particular reasons, are not able to have their children at home during working hours.
  • All employees in the public sector who do not work with the most essential services should work from home. Staff will receive further instructions from their respective directors
  • Measures have already been taken in the private sector to guard against infection
  • Bars, venues and restaurants are urged to close by 22:00 for the next two weeks.

Guidelines for limiting social interaction

  • Stay at home. Only have contact with others if strictly necessary
  • Consider postponing birthday celebrations, parties and other social events with more than 10 people
  • If you need to meet others it should be with as few as possible
  • Meet outside rather than indoors
  • Remember to maintain a physical distance from others (2 meters)
  • Maintain rigorous hand hygiene, washing your hands thoroughly and often. Use sanitizer if you do not have access to soap and water
  • Cough or sneeze into your arm – not your hands
  • Remember that anyone can carry the infection and pass it on to others, even if you have no symptoms yourself

  • Pay attention to any symptoms of illness that could indicate a corona infection, such as fever and coughing, and stay at home if in any doubt