5. March 2021 | kl. 12:07

Government eases Covid-19 restrictions

Up to 200 people may now gather in organized groups. This is one of the changes to the Covid-19 recommendations, presented by the Prime Minister a moment ago.

“Today we accelerate the pace of Faroese society – almost up to full speed. We have good reason to do so, because we have learned to live with the threat and because we have been quick to adapt. We have no infection now, because we have looked after each other,” said Bárður á Steig Nielsen at a press conference.

From 1 April all vaccinated persons, whose vaccine was administered at least eight days prior, are not required stay at home for six days after arrival to the Faroe Islands. Testing at the borders will continue until 30 June.

“It is tempting to let go of all precautions now, but this would be unwise. This disease can appear again suddenly, and we want to maintain our favourable situation. In three months, most of us are likely to be vaccinated, which is why we must continue to be careful,” said the Prime Minister.

The following recommendations are in effect until after the Easter holidays. In case of unexpected events, they may be changed again.

New recommendations


- PCR tests on the border until 30. Juni, until further notice. Travellers pay for the test.

- From 1 April all vaccinated travellers to the Faroe Islands, who have been vaccinated at least eight days prior will not need to self-isolate for six days after arrival.

- For everyone else, the recommendation to quarantine at home for six days and to test again after the sixth day after arrival will be in effect until 1 June.

- Children under 12 years will now be offered a PCR test for free at the border.

- We recommend limited international travel, until vaccinations have been completed. After that, we will refer people to the official travel guidelines on relevant websites.

Mass gatherings

200 people may gather in organized groups. An organized group is a group, where tracking and tracing will be straightforward, if necessary.

After the Easter holidays, we will evaluate this recommendation again.

We ask all organizers to contact the official Covid-19 support (koronaráðgevingin) for more information on how to manage arrangements according to official recommendations.

Public recommendations still in effect

  • Apply good hygiene. Wash your hands often and well. Sanitize your hands if you do not have access to soap and water.
  • Couch and sneeze in your sleeve, not in your hands.
  • Limit physical contact with others, for example shaking hands, hugging etc.
  • Be especially careful in situations where many people are gathered.
  • Remember to keep two metres distance with others. In organized settings, such as in restaurants, theatres, and cinemas, one metre is sufficient.

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