10. November 2020 | kl. 12:15

New recommendations in effect from 13 November and for the rest of the year


·         The Government advises against all non-essential overseas travel.

·         Everyone travelling to the Faroe Islands is advised to be tested for COVID-19 three days before departure.

This means than anyone with access to testing should be tested in order to reduce the risk of bringing the infection to the Faroe Islands.

·         A COVID-19 test must also be taken upon arrival in the Faroe Islands. This requirement also applies to all citizens and residents of the Faroe Islands who have been travelling abroad. Children younger than 12 do not need to be tested.

·         After testing on arrival, you should proceed immediately to home quarantine to await the result of the test, avoiding all contact with others. Test results are usually ready the same evening or on midday the following day at the latest.

·         A follow-up test should be taken six days after arrival.

·         Extra precautions should be taken until the results are received from the follow-up text 6 days after arrival.

This means you should avoid contact with other people as much as possible, do not attend social gatherings and do not mix with other groups of people during this period. You do not go to work unless you can be properly isolated from co-workers.

·         A new system will be introduced to send messages by sms or email to all people arriving in the Faroe Islands to remind them to be tested again after 6 days.

·         It is crucial that all people travelling to the Faroe Islands from overseas take particular care, both during their journey and after their arrival, and that they adhere strictly to the public health guidelines on social distancing (1-2 meters) and hygiene (thorough and regular hand-washing, avoid physical greetings). 

·         If you feel unwell, make sure to get tested without delay.


Faroese living overseas returning for Christmas  

All Faroese are welcome home for Christmas. But you are strongly advised to follow the recommendations closely. This means:


o   You should be tested three days before departure

o   You will be tested upon arrival

o   You should take extra precautions for the first 6 days

o   You are tested again on day 6 after your arrival


Christmas parties

·         Take precautions and use common sense

·         Remember to maintain personal hygiene and social distancing – these requirements also apply to Christmas  parties and other social gatherings

·         Social get-togethers should be limited to no more than 20 people

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