5. August 2020 | kl. 19:50

New measures: Testing of travellers extended until end of october

The guidelines for travellers to the Faroe Islands remain the same up to and including 31 October. All people arriving in the Faroe Islands should continue to be tested up to and including 31 October. The government also urges all travellers to get a follow-up test six days after arrival.

Getting tested will get easier. The government is working on implementing a new testing strategy, which will allow anyone to get tested, regardless of symptoms. A prescription is no longer required and testing is free of charge.

Due to these testing requirements, lengthy waiting times can be expected upon arrival. Everyone arriving in the Faroe Islands is advised to proceed directly into self-quarantine until test results are received. These will normally be communicated the same evening or at latest by midday the following day.

All travellers are urged to take particular care during their journey as well as after arrival and especially until results from the second tests are ready.

In the past two days alone 16 people have tested positive. The Chief Medical Officer reminds everyone to maintain the recommended personal distancing and good hygiene.

Today new measures were announced. The measures will be implemented straight away or as soon as possible:

All travellers using public transport are required to wear a mask. Use of face masks is recommended when in crowded places. Bars and restaurants should close at 22. All events such as festivals, concerts or large parties should be postponed or cancelled.

Faroese society is small and vulnerable and it is therefore crucial that utmost precaution continues to be taken to prevent the spread of infection.

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