24. June 2020 | kl. 09:36

Guidelines for travellers to the Faroe Islands from 27 June

The guidelines for travellers to the Faroe Islands will change 27 June. From 27 June all travellers are required to test for COVID-19. This requirement is valid for all travellers including faroe islanders residing in the Faroe Islands and people travelling on work permits. Children younger than 12 are excempt from testing. 

From 27 June testing is mandatory and will be conducted upon arrival in Vagar Airport or before departure in Hirtshals. Therefore, delays can be expected.

From 27 June to 10 July testing is free of charge. From 11 July travellers will have to pay for the test. A test costs DKK 390 if you are travelling with airplane. If you are travelling with the ferry the testing fee is DKK 500. 

Everyone coming to the Faroe Islands should self-quarantine until they have received the result of the test they must take upon arrival. The home quarantine can take place at your prebooked residence, vacation rental, hotel etc. It is very important, that you follow the guidelines for home quarantine while awaiting the result. The results are usually ready on the same evening or the following midday at the latest.

It is of utmost importance that all travellers to the Faroe Islands take appropriate precautions while travelling. Upon arrival, particular care must be taken and the public health guidelines must be followed closely.

Visit this page for FAQ regarding travel to and from the Faroe Islands from 27 June.

These guidelines will be valid on 27 June. If you are travelling to the country before and including 26 June, click here.


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