9. May 2020 | kl. 09:57

COVID-19 - No more active cases in the Faroe Islands

This morning it was confirmed that there are no more active cases of coronavirus in the Faroe Islands.

- As a nation, we have achieved what few other countries have managed to do. This has been possible because people, families and organisations have been willing to transform their daily lives and take responsibility under very difficult circumstances. As a society we should be grateful and proud of what we have accomplished, says Prime Minister, Bárður á Steig Nielsen.

These past two months have shown what responsibility, solidarity and self-sacrifice really mean. The concerted actions of individuals and organizations have made all the difference, and the Faroe Islands have avoided the devastating effects of this pandemic, which is unfortunately still taking its toll in other countries.

- I want to thank everyone in the Faroe Islands for their enormous efforts. All good outcomes begin with people offering a helping hand and doing their bit. Not for their own personal gain, but for the common good. We should remember that practicing this strong sense of social duty has cost many individuals and businesses a great deal, both financially and in terms of their well-being. They should be supported in the time ahead, says the Prime Minister.

Key to the successful outcome has been the timely implementation of appropriate and necessary measures, and the fact that people have respected the guidelines on hygiene and personal distancing. These measures will continue to apply for the time being, and travellers to the Faroe Islands are still strongly advised to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

- If we want to maintain the current positive situation, we must continue to take precautions and respect the public health guidelines. The coronavirus is a treacherous enemy that can easily spread a new wave of infection. As a society we need to plan for all possible contingencies, says the Prime Minister.

With the absence of infection, it makes sense to continue to increase activity in the Faroe Islands in the days ahead. As there are no active coronavirus cases, it should be possible to reopen society even more, while also implementing procedures that can prevent new infection. These preparations are under way.

- Our tough battle has paid off. No-one in the Faroe Islands has been dangerously ill from coronavirus, and we will soon be able to get back to normal daily life as much as we can under these abnormal circumstances, says Bárður á Steig Nielsen, Prime Minister.

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