3. May 2020 | kl. 18:10

Stricter self-quarantine procedures for travellers to the Faroe Islands

Procedures for travellers to self-quarantine after arriving in the Faroe Islands will now be intensified. The purpose is to prevent the coronavirus from returning to the Faroe Islands.

The stricter procedures mean that everyone travelling to the Faroe Islands will receive an information leaflet with clear instructions to self-quarantine for 14 days. Read the leaflet here.

Travellers will continue to be asked to provide the authorities with their personal contact information to enable infection tracing, and to allow the Quarantine Team, as an additional procedure, to follow up with them to check on their condition during self-quarantine. The leaflet contains information for travellers in Faroese, Danish and English.

After 14 days in self-quarantine, people can move around freely in the Faroe Islands, but like everyone else, they should respect the public health guidelines on hygiene and physical distancing.


  • You stay at home; this can be with your family
  • You do not receive visitors
  • If you have to work, do so from home
  • You may go for a drive in your own car and take a nature walk, but only where you will not come into contact with others. Keep away from other people.
  • Remember also to maintain personal distance and good hygiene at home with your family.
  • You will be contacted twice during your quarantine by the Quarantine Team, who will assign you a contact person.

Read more about self-quarantine here.

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