10. June 2021 | kl. 20:37

Mandatory COVID-19 test upon arrival to the Faroe Islands

From October 1st 2020 to August 31st 2021 all passengers 12 years and older are required to pay a COVID-19 fee amounting to DKK 350 per passenger upon arrival to the Faroe Islands.

Tour operators or their representatives are tasked with collecting the COVID-19 fee.

If the fee has not been paid before arrival, the Faroese tax authority TAKS will collect the fee upon arrival. The payment shall be made with credit or debit card.

The requirement for payment of the fee is based on Act nr. 139 of September 29th 2020 on temporary fee from passengers upon arrival to the Faroe Islands, changed with Act nr. 28 of March 26th 2021.

Please expect additional waiting time at the airport if payment has not been completed before arrival on the Faroe Islands.

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