General guidelines for all travellers

The Faroe Islands have successfully reduced the spread of COVID-19, and we wish to keep it that way. Our society is small and vulnerable. We must continue to take the greatest possible care to prevent the spread of infection.
Visitors should take care in the days before their departure to the Faroe Islands. In particular, those travelling from countries with high infection rates.

  • Non-vaccinated and never infected travellers should stay away from large gatherings where the infection can spread quickly. For example, large birthdays, parties, nightlife, church ceremonies, and large sports and music arrangements. This means, among other things, that tourists can visit restaurants in controlled circumstances.
  • All travellers should still adhere to all recommendations, such as cleanliness and social distancing, put in place by the government.
  • Travellers may visit e.g., restaurants, theatres or go the the cinema where it is possible to maintain 1 meter distance under organized conditions.
  • Travellers who have been vaccinated twice or been sick with COVID-19, are required to get tested upon arrival in the Faroe Islands and recommended to get tested on the 4th day. But do not need to self-quarantine.
  • The Government is consistently monitoring developments and will revise these measures if and when necessary. All travellers must stay updated about the situation.