Current recommendations

(Updated on 19 May 2021)

Measures to contain the spread of the COVID19 virus in the Faroe Islands apply to all members of society, regardless of nationality. Everyone is urged to take the utmost care and precaution and to follow closely the updated advice issued by public authorities on medical help, personal hygiene, social restrictions, travel and all other procedures, regulations and recommendations.

If you have been infected or in direct contact with an infected person, please visit this page.

  • Be careful in situations where many people are gathered in unorganized groups.
  • Do not gather in organized groups of more than 500 people. An organized group is a group, where tracking and tracing will be straightforward, if necessary.
  • A physical distance of two metres between people should be maintained. In organized settings, such as in restaurants, theatres, and cinemas, one metre is sufficient.
  • Visitors from abroad should under no circumstances visit family or friends at hospitals, care homes or residences for the elderly until they have received a negative result from the COVID-19 test 4 days after arrival
  • Limit the number of people that you are in contact with. Try to limit your contacts to those that you already spend time with regularly.
  • Maintain rigorous hand hygiene, washing your hands thoroughly and often. Use sanitiser if you do not have access to soap and water.
  • Cough and sneeze into your arm – not your hands.
  • Avoid physical greetings such as handshaking, hugging and kissing.
  • Maintain strict hygiene at all times.
  • Remember that you can carry and pass the infection to others, even if you are symptoms free.
  • Pay attention to any symptoms of illness that could indicate a corona infection, such as fever and coughing, and stay at home if in any doubt.

If you have questions call the Corona hotline on (+298) 30 40 40.