Work and pay

All employees in the public sector who do not work with the most essential community services should work from home.

Essential services include health and social care, elderly care, police and probation, emergency services, waste management, food and hygiene inspection, retail, transport, import and export and public broadcasting.

Work related overseas travel is suspended. If there are extenuating circumstances requiring work-related travel overseas, special permission must be provided by heads of administrations.

People who are unable to carry out their functions from home will not be required to go to work, but will continue to be paid. They must, however, still be available to work.

Private sector employees are asked to work from home, take leave or time off for overtime, to the extent possible.

Meetings and gatherings should be cancelled or strictly limited. Using alternative means of communication, such as phones or Skype, is encouraged.

Is your work affected by the Covid-19 outbreak? Then you might be eligible for a special corona wage supplement from ALS. For more information regarding the special wage supplement from ALS visit this website