Shore Leave for Seafarers in Faroese Ports

(Updated 17 August 2020)

Coming from a visa obligated country?

Seamen from countries with a visa obligation do not have a right shore leave during stay in Faroese ports unless they have aquired a vise for the Faroe Islands. 

Hence, seamen from countries with visa obligation can only enter and stay in the immediate quay area in connection with tasks related to operation of the ship (e.g. stevedoring) and maintenance of the ship. Any traffic outside the immediate quay area without a visa is in contravention of the Faroese Aliens Act. The Police will prosecute such infractions of the Aliens Act, and infractions may carry imprisonment and extradition from the Faroe Islands as well as a ban on entry into the Faroe Islands. 

A seamen with visa obligation who has a acquired a visa for the Faroe Islands and who wishes to leave the immediate quay area, thus entering the Faroe Islands, must undergo a medical test for COVID-19 like any other traveller entering the Faroe Islands in accordance with the decision taken by the Faroes Epedemics Commission. Entry into the Faroe Islands without being tested is in contravention of the Faroese Epidemics Act and may carry fine or imprisonment.

Special rules apply to direct transit between the airport and the ship in connection with crew change, as special rules apply to necessary medical consultations as well as other necessary transport. The ship's agency can provide further information about.

If you are arriving on a pleasure craft or yacht from a country on the banned list (without visa obligation), you should proceed to home quarantine for 14 days before entering the Faroe Islands. If you are arriving from an open country (without visa obligation), read more here.

Shore Leave issued by the Faroese Police in English

Shore Leave issued by the Faroese Police in Russian

Shore Leave issued by the Faroes Police in Danish