Temporary border controls

On 16 March, the police introduced temporary border controls on entry to the Faroe Islands. This means that non-resident foreign nationals without a recognised reason for coming to the Faroe Islands will be refused entry. The same applies to travel to Denmark, where border controls have also been introduced.

All travelers, regardless of nationality, can expect to be required to show proof of identity. Foreign nationals living and working in the Faroe Islands will also be required to show proof of residence or work permit.

Recognised reasons for foreign nationals to enter the Faroe Islands of foreign nationals include:

  • residence in the Faroe Islands
  • visiting minor children
  • a work permit and a recognised job or recognised work that needs to be carried out for an employer in the Faroe Islands. Anyone entering the Faroe Islands on this basis is advised to have relevant documentation from their employer (work contractor other certification of employment)
  • supply of goods and services to and from the Faroe Islands
  • seamen who are signing on or off a vessel in the Faroe Islands. This also applies to flight crew changes, off-shore workers and the like.
  • visiting a family member who is critically ill or dying
  • attending a funeral
  • to receive medical treatment
  • attending a court hearing

Non-resident foreign nationals will not be permitted to travel to the Faroe Islands for non-urgent family visits, school excursions, business trips and other normal tourist activities.

More information in English on the entry restrictions to Denmark, which also apply to the Faroe Islands, can be found on the following link: